About Us

  • ZIS is a Christian school that offers an integrated educational system that incorporates Montessori, 8-4-4 and the British curriculum.

    • Our Offer

      Currently, the school caters for children aged 3 to 9 years. Our classes cover: Kindergarten (3–6 years) and Junior School (Grade 1, 2 & 3).

    • Our Talent Search

      We seek to identify and nurture the uniqueness of every child and provide a conducive learning environment that will support the success of their dreams from an early age.

    • Our Drive

      Our core focus is to nurture, train and empower our children to unlock the best in them both academically and their creative ability.

    • Our Approach

      Through a holistic approach on education, we seek to pay special attention both on work and play for the proper development of the child.

    • Our Creative Activities

      Through our Art and Science clubs among others, we ensure that your child’s thinking and creative abilities are fully maximized from an early age.

    • Our Learning Environment

      We have created a fun-learning environment that inspires children to learn and unlock their personal innate talents.

    • Our Christian Foundation

      With a Christian foundation, Zuwena International School is at the forefront at molding the character of our children to be responsible, respectful and children of integrity.

    • Our Parent Teacher Relationship

      Through an open parent-teacher platform, we promise to provide a cordial relationship that will be beneficial to the school, parents and children.

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    • Esther Etende

      I have a passion of nurturing children to help bring out their full potential. I enjoy cooking, reading and nature walks in my free time.

    • Protus Etende

      I enjoy spending time with children and love every moment of it, making the children’s learning experience fun.

  • What Makes Us Exceptional

    • A fun-learning environment

      We have created a fun-learning environment through different learning skills and systems i.e. book clubs, learning competitions.

    • Individual personal care and attention

      Every child is given personal attention and care in his or her education journey.

    • Dedicated and outstanding staff

      We have a dedicated and outstanding staff whose core passion is the well being and success of your child.

    • Mentorship programme

      We provide mentorship programmes that inspire and motivate our children to reach their goals.

    • Practical training, nurturing of gifts and skill development

      We encourage both the development of personal skills and teamwork.

    • Celebrating diversity and different cultures

      As an international school, we celebrate diversity and respect different and diverse cultures.

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