• Our Teaching Philosophy

    Through our teaching system your child is guaranteed of educational and personal success through early preparation and mentorship in all fields of life.
    • Engaging process

      We actively engage students in their learning process.

    • Individual personal attention

      We Identify and work on your child’s educational performance.

    • Practical learning skills that are life transformative

      Systematically, we develop your child’s learning skills so that they become increasingly independent.

    • Academic excellence

      We set attainable educational standards and goals for your child as we monitor their progress and performance.

    • Mentorship Programme

      We inspire, encourage and motivate your child to perform and succeed in life.

    • State of the Art teaching techniques

      We use learning techniques and assessment tools that will accurately project your child’s ability and performance and at the same time set targets for the future.

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  • Our Educational System Focus

    We provide high quality education in a secure and free learning environment.
    • Leadership Development

      We seek to develop the leader within your child. Our curriculum is centered on developing your child’s confidence, skills and abilities.

    • Educational Expertise

      Our school has a dedicated team of staff that are passionate, friendly and keen at ensuring the success of your child’s education.

    • Teacher-Student Partnership

      Through our teacher-student Partnership system, we seek to provide a friendly and conducive environment for your child to learn hence a successful mentorship program.

    • Parent-Teacher Partnership

      Through an open parent-teacher platform, we promise to provide a cordial relationship that will be beneficial to the school, parents and children.

    • Extra - Curriculum Activities

      We provide the following extra-curriculum activities: Swimming, Art, Music, Skating, Book club, Science club, Cookery club, French & computer lessons.

    • Educational Tours

      Through this life transforming experience, we believe that our children will have a great experience that will shape their learning and educational skills.

  • We are located on Mombasa Road, in Syokimau off Katani Road. Be ASSURED that we are the VERY BEST CHOICE!

    • Security and Protection

      The school ensures the security of your child within the premises. Your child’s safety is our first concern.

    • A Multi-Cultural Experience

      With a rich diverse culture of children from different races, our school prides itself in promoting a fulfilling cultural experience that births a unique exposure to your child.

    • School Resources

      The school is well equipped with the necessary learning books and materials that will help the children in their educational experience.

    • Healthy Meals

      The nourishment of your child is important to us. The school provides 3 nutritious & delicious meals per day all with the purpose of ensuring the healthy well being of your child.

    • Comfortable School Transport

      We have very comfortable transport services for your child to and from school.

    • Play Ground

      The school has an amazing and spacious playground with plenty of toys and play equipment.

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