Our Staff

  • Our Team

    Friendly, qualified, dedicated and outstanding team...
  • At ZIS we have the BEST team of staff:

  • Our school has a dedicated team of staff that are; well trained and experienced, passionate and keen at ensuring the success of your child’s education.

    • Esther Etende

      I have a passion of nurturing children to help bring out their full potential. I enjoy cooking, reading and nature walks in my free time.

    • Protus Etende

      I enjoy spending time with children and love every moment of it, making the children’s learning experience fun.

  • Our Staff Key Attributes

    Our staff comprises of the School Administration team, School Nurse, Teachers, Chef, Child Care Providers, Cleaning Support Team, Security Team and the School Drivers; who are well trained and experienced.
    • Well Trained

      Our team of staff is well trained and certified by fully licensed and renown institutions.

    • Wealth of Experience

      All our staff have at least 2 years of valuable experience in reputable institutions that they bring to ZIS.

    • Child Friendly

      Our staff care and love the students and treat them like their own. They are passionate about their work and sold out to the vision of ZIS.

    • Consistent Staff Training

      We consistently organise training and team building events for our staff to ensure their knowledge and energy is renewed and rejuvenated oftenly.

    • Excellent Communication Skills

      Regardless of the position, all our staff are fluent in spoken and written English. This enhances the spoken and written English for the students continually.

    • Comprehensive First Aid Course

      At ZIS we have a qualified school nurse. We have also ensured that all the staff are well equipped to handle child emergencies by enrolling them in a First Aid Course.

  • FAQ & A
    Our School Curriculum

    We offer an integrated curriculum for our Kindergarten that incorporates Montessori, 8-4-4 and EYFS (British Curriculum). For the Junior school we have rolled out the 8-4-4 curriculum with the intention of rolling out the British Curriculum soon.

    Extra Curriculum Activities

    We offer the following Extra Curriculum Activities at a minimum Charge:- Music, Swimming, Skating, Art and Cookery. In our day to day learning we have also incorporated the following at no extra charge; Comprehensive reading, Science, french and computers. We also create yearly class themes and organise educational trips for our students within these themes and more!

    Clean Bottled Drinking Water

    The School provides clean bottled drinking water to all the students as and when required.

    Our School Meals

    All our school meals are prepared and served in school by our qualified chef.

    Our Sleeping Area for the Kindergarteners

    We have set aside a sleeping area and unique beds for our kindergarteners. Each child gets an individual bed for the afternoon nap that is enjoyable and comfortable.

    Potty & Toilet Training

    We offer potty and toilet training to our Kindergarten students and you will be amazed just how fast they learn.

  • Class Hours Per Year
    • Art Classes76 Hours
    • Circle Time152 Hours
    • Bible Classes76 Hours
    • Story Telling Classes76 Hours
    • Computer Classes114 Hours
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